The Three Pillars of Successful Robotic Material Removal

May 14, 2020

Noon - 1 PM ET


Material removal operations are a necessary part of many manufacturing processes. Learn how end-effectors, abrasives, and opportunities for innovation come together to produce successful robotic material removal systems.

Attendees will hear real-world examples of the benefits of robotic material removal, and leave with a better understanding of how they can create success in this emerging field. They will also discover best practices in choosing end-of-arm tooling and abrasives to best suit their needs.

Topic Areas:

  • Discover automated material removal opportunities for both integrators and end-users.
  • Realize advancements in robotic end-effectors, tooling, and abrasive technology.
  • Understand common challenges in material removal that can be overcome with the right approach.
  • Learn what it takes to successfully robotize material removal processes with best practices.
Webinar Image
Image of Dan Merritt

Dan Merritt

Material Removal Product Manager, ATI Industrial Automation

Image of Sarah Mullins

Sarah Mullins

Abrasives Systems Division Global Applications Engineer, 3M

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