New Vision Architecture to Solve Complex Challenges

June 04, 2020

Noon - 1 PM ET


What we are seeing today in the machine vision world is the biggest change since machine vision systems started appearing. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more mainstream, the technology is maturing and there are more pieces that are available to allow end users to solve problems.

What does this mean to how architectures are changing?

Traditionally a single machine vision integrator whether as a separate company or as an individual inside a company will take care of all the parts of a vision system. This has now been broken up into separate pieces, which can be outsourced to different companies/done by different individuals and basically treated as separate entities:

  • Image Formation: Lighting, optics, camera selection
  • Image Management: Where do they go how are they labeled
  • Image Tagging/Labelling: This can be done on-line or at the edge
  • Building a Solution/ Programming a Solution: This can use AI or traditional programming
  • Deploying the solution: Production Line Personnel
  • Quality Control: Determining the system is working correctly.

Some of these items have always been done by individual people, others will become available.

In this talk, we will describe new opportunities that are arriving because of the break down of these tasks.

Webinar Image


Image of Andy Long, CEO, Cyth Systems

Andy Long, CEO, Cyth Systems

Andy has degrees in Mechanical and Production Engineering and Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Flight Dynamics. He was awarded the AIA achievement award in 2019. His career has included stints on the Harrier Flight Test Programme, development of advanced automated test systems for various industries and quality and inspection systems across all industries utilizing artificial intelligence.

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