Machine Vision in Diagnostic and Medical Imaging

August 17, 2016

12 PM ET


This presentation will consist of two parts. The first part will cover how vision has been used to help in the treatment of cancer. It will give a high level perspective on how and why the technology was developed and the challenges that need to be solved.

  • What did physicians do prior to imaging technology?
  • Progression of Imaging for anatomical and functional information
  • Use of Images to Plan and Target Delivery of Radiation Therapy
  • Use of various imaging modalities for complex in vivo imaging
  • What You See is Not What You Get?
  • Adapting-Real Time to motion and Function Changes
  • The Future of Precision Medicine and Project Moonshot

The second part will cover optical interrogation in cell analysis for research and diagnostics applications. It will explore tradeoffs in optical sensing and review an array of diverse optical technologies used in biomedical analysis.

  • High-resolution / high-throughput tradeoff
  • High-resolution end: microscopy, digital pathology
  • High-throughput end: flow cytometry, cell sorting
  • In the middle: screening, plate readers, microarrays, imaging cytometry
  • Challenges and opportunities

Webinar Presenters:
Dennis Falkenstein
iOnTrends, Inc.

Giacomo Vacca, Ph.D.
Kinetic River Corp.

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