Getting Started with Robotics

August 04, 2020

Noon - 1 PM ET


Industrial Robots are the heart of Lean Manufacturing and are vital to the current vibrant manufacturing economy in North America. The “Getting Started with Robotics” presentation is an introduction to the Industrial Robotics or Flexible Automation Industry. We will explore Robot Based Automation Systems to include how the industry functions, why to choose robot based automation, principles of system integration and the business case for automating and calculating ROI. The attendee will learn through discussion and evaluating system photos and videos illustrating various robotic based flexible automation systems. 

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to justify the use of robot based automation systems
  • What equipment comprises a robot-based automation system
  • How to evaluate an integrator for your system
Webinar Image
Image of Bob Rochelle

Bob Rochelle

Bob Rochelle is an Account Manager for Güdel Inc. He received a BS and Master’s Degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech and his Industrial Automation career spans over 30 years where he has held positions in Engineering, Sales, General Management and Consulting. Bob is a veteran speaker for industry groups, has taught engineering at the University and Community College level and is a freelance author for technical journals. He recently led a committee writing the first Sanitation Standard for Industrial Robots in the Food Processing Industry, is a regular contributor to the RIA and served in the past on the RIA’s Board of Directors. He enjoys sharing his unique experience in Industrial Automation through various speaking roles at conferences and webinars like this one.

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