Automation 201: What's Next? Clarifying Your Requirements for Project Success

September 29, 2020

1 - 2PM ET (10 - 11AM PDT)


In our popular "Automation 101" webinar, Epson helped guide automation professionals with a simple step-by-step framework for getting started with robotics. Automation 201 picks up where 101 left off by taking a deeper dive into the critical topic of understanding your project requirements and their associated performance trade-offs. Whether you are new to automation or a seasoned veteran, this webinar will leave you with business-ready insights based on Epson's nearly four decades of experience and leadership in industrial robotics.

This webinar will provide both new and experienced automation professionals with insight and understanding around core automation requirements and their associated performance trade-offs.

  • Knowing what you are trying to accomplish
  • Explore your requirements and their trade-offs
  • Return on investment considerations
Webinar Image

Exclusive Sponsor:

EPSON Robots

EPSON Robots is the global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation with a product line of hundreds of easy to use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots. Our industry leading EPSON RC+ PC-based software and integrated vision guidance options reduce development time for vision guided robotic applications. Built-in robot calibration wizards, powerful vision tools and an easy point and click user interface make Vision Guide the solution of choice for robot guidance.

Image of Scott Marsic, Sr. Product Manager – Epson Robots

Scott Marsic, Sr. Product Manager – Epson Robots

Scott Marsic has over two decades experience successfully transforming diagnostic, technical and business intelligence products into innovative, market-leading goods and services. As Sr. Product Manager at Epson America, Scott is responsible for developing strategic initiatives to help drive channel growth and end user demand across the industrial robotics product category. Scott holds a BS from the University of California, Santa Cruz, a MS from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

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