A New Age of Identification: Deep Learning, 3D Vision, and More

March 19, 2019

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


The ability to differentiate, validate, identify, and locate parts, products, and features using machine vision always has been a fundamental component of automation processes.  Emerging innovation in deep learning, 3D imaging, and advanced color imaging have developed new identification techniques in machine vision.

This webinar will:

  • Discuss the scope of applications where tasks related to part identification or validation are critical to success.
  • Outline the way new imaging and software technologies are addressing these types of applications.
  • Provide application examples and techniques for implementation.
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Image of David Dechow

David Dechow

David L. Dechow is Principal Vision Systems Architect for Integro Technologies Corp., where he works with sales and engineering teams in the application evaluation and design of complex turnkey machine vision solutions.

Mr. Dechow has worked in the field of machine vision, automation, and robotics for over 35 years as a programmer, engineer, and business manager, and is recognized as a leading expert in the area of machine vision integration and technology. Prior to his position at Integro, he was Staff Engineer for Intelligent Robotics/Machine Vision at FANUC, and also was the founder, owner, and principal engineer for two successful systems integration firms.

Mr. Dechow is a recipient of the AIA Automated Imaging Achievement Award honoring industry leaders for outstanding career contributions in industrial and/or scientific imaging. He is a regular speaker at conferences, webcasts, and seminars, has had numerous articles on machine vision technology and systems integration published in trade journals and magazines, and is a member of the ASME (American Society of Manufacturing Engineers) Robotic Technologies Advisory Panel.

As a key educator within the industry for many years, Mr. Dechow has participated in the training of hundreds of engineers as an instructor with the AIA Certified Vision Professional program.

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