3D Bin-Picking Update

August 18, 2020

Noon - 1 PM ET


Long described as the “holy grail” of robotics, the industrial automation application known as “bin picking” has in many ways matured and become a mainstream use case in vision guided robotics. While some constraints and limitations still exist, rapidly advancing technologies using 3D machine vision and related software are enabling new and broader-reaching applications. In this webinar, we will update the technologies supporting 3D bin picking, and discuss the practical uses in a variety of markets from machining to logistics. The webinar will include a Q&A session to answer your questions about 3D bin picking.

Image credit: Photoneo

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Image of David Dechow

David Dechow

David L. Dechow is a globally recognized expert in machine vision integration and technologies. He is the Principal Vision Systems Architect for Integro Technologies Corp., where he works with sales and engineering teams in the application evaluation and design of complex turnkey machine vision solutions. Prior to his position at Integro, he was Staff Engineer for Intelligent Robotics/Machine Vision at FANUC, and earlier was the founder, owner, and principal engineer for two successful machine vision systems integration firms.

Mr. Dechow is a recipient of the AIA Automated Imaging Achievement Award honoring industry leaders for outstanding career contributions in industrial and/or scientific imaging. He is a member of the Automated Imaging Association Board of Directors, and serves on the editorial advisory board of Vision Systems Design magazine.

As a key educator within the industry for many years, Mr. Dechow has participated in the training of hundreds of engineers as an instructor with the AIA Certified Vision Professional program. He is well known for his many informative technical articles, webinars and conference sessions which span a wide range of machine vision topics and technologies.

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