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Spring 2020 Virtual International Vision Standards Meetings Schedule (IVSM)


As you know, the face-to-face IVSM in Montreal had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. The Standard Chairs have collaborated and developed a plan to conduct a virtual IVSM by holding 1 standard meeting per week, commencing Tuesday May 26th. The schedule below shows the framework and will be updated with specific dates as they become available. If you are a committee member, please register through your Technical Committee’s trac site. For the Future Standards Forum (FSF), there is a link directly on the schedule below.

These meetings are generally only available for people who have signed up for the particular committee (except FSF). However, if you are not currently a member but are interested in attending, please contact the Standards Manager from the appropriate Association. Information on joining these Technical Committees can be obtained from the appropriate Association web page.

Standards Managers for each Association:


In the list below, the standards name is followed by its host Association. The meeting buttons below are linked to the Association’s standards main page (except for FSF).


Meeting: GeniCam
Meeting: USB3
Meeting: GigE
Meeting: CameraLink HS
Meeting: EMVI
Meeting: VDMA
Meeting: Future Standards Forum

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