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Certified Vision Professional Program

Educate. Advance. Differentiate

AIA Certified Vision Professional - Basic Program

AIA’s Certified Vision Professional - Basic Program consists of five free courses taught by industry leaders. An in-person exam may be taken to obtain CVP-Basic certification. See Exam Locations link for upcoming dates and locations.

  • The Fundamentals of Machine Vision
  • Beginning Optics for Machine Vision
  • Beginning Lighting for Machine Vision
  • The Fundamentals of Camera and Image Sensor Technology
  • Image Processing Fundamentals

Exam Locations

Locate a Certified Vision Professional exam location and test your vision training knowledge


Meet Certified Vision Professionals

View a list of Certified Vision Professionals - Basic.


FREE CVP-Basic Videos

Watch FREE CVP-Basic Training Videos taught by industry leaders.


In-Person Training Available at

The Vision Show

You have the option to attend in-person training and take the certification exam while attending The Vision Show or Automate. Pricing per individual varies.

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