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Achievement Award Selection Criteria

AIA Achievement Award


Achievement Awards

Selection Process and Criteria for the AIA Achievement Award

Selection Process:

  • Nominating committee reviews all candidates to make sure they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If necessary, nominating committee requests AIA staff to collect further information on the candidates to clarify eligibility for award.
  • Nominating committee forwards names of all candidates meeting criteria to the AIA Board of Directors for a vote to select winner.


Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible candidates for the AIA Achievement Award must have made a significant contribution to the vision and imaging industry in areas such as (but not limited to) leadership, applications, and technology. Contributions to other industries that had a substantial impact on vision and imaging will also be considered for this award. In order to win, candidates must be able to travel to the award ceremony (usually held in Orlando, FL, USA in January/February) to receive the award and give an acceptance speech.

Current AIA board members are not eligible to be nominated. Former board members are eligible for nomination, at the earliest, two years after the expiration of their last term.

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