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Vision Standards

Vision Standards
Camera Link HS

Camera Link HS Standard Technical Committee

Camera Link HS is hosted by the AIA, the trade association that represents the global machine vision industry.

The committee is made up of camera and frame grabber companies working together on the specification. Currently participating in the subcommittee are:  Beijing Microview, Luster Lightech, Hangzhou Hikvision, PCO Imaging, Silicon Software, and Teledyne DALSA.

Bob McCurrach is AIA's Director of Standard Development and he supports and oversees the committee work. The Camera Link HS Technical Committee is chaired by Mike Miethig, Technical Manager at Teledyne DALSA.

The Camera Link HS Technical Committee is open to companies who have a direct and material interest in the standard. You must be an AIA, EMVA, JIIA, VDMA, or CMVU member in good standing to participate. There is a $100 USD annual committee fee and you must contribute at least 80 hours per year to work assignments. If your company would like to get involved and contribute to the technical development of Camera Link HS standard, click here for a Technical Committee membership application.

Camera Link HS Committee Procedures Document
When applying for committee membership, you will be asked to sign that you agree to the AIA Standards Development & Approval Procedures. Click here to access the Camera Link HS committee procedures document.

Edit/Update Committee Member Contact Information
To make changes to your designated committee members, edit their contact information, or add additional representatives, please submit this form.

For information on joining the AIA and the benefits it provides, please visit Become a Member.

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