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Vision Resources

Vision Resources

AIA is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information on vision and imaging technologies. Whether you are looking for general vision information or you need to know something very specific about a particular area of vision, you are sure to find it here. AIA's Vision Resources is your premier source for industry news, new product information, and technical articles - conveniently available to you online 24/7.

One of the hottest and fastest growing industries for vision and imaging technology today is Life Sciences. AIA is dedicated to helping users, manufacturers, OEMs, integrators, and researchers better understand the top considerations for vision and imaging in the Life Sciences industry. The information below comes directly from the world's leading vision and imaging companies and foremost experts in Life Sciences.


Camera for robot vision calculates 3D point clouds itself

Category: New Product News

POSTED: 12/13/2018

Ensenso XR creates 3D data twice as fast thanks to on-board processing.

TECHSPEC® Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lens

Category: News

POSTED: 12/12/2018

Wins Inspect Award at VISION Stuttgart

New Sysmac AI Controller from Omron Extends Equipment Life with Machine Learning

Category: New Product News

POSTED: 12/12/2018

Omron Automation announced the release of a new artificial intelligence solution that collects, analyzes and utilizes data on edge devices.

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