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Wilco Imaging Gained as Further Sales Partner for North America

Silicon Software GmbH

Logo Wilco ImagingWith Wilco Imaging, Inc. SiliconSoftware gains another valued partner for our hardware and software products in the North American market. Wilco Imaging assists its customers in realizing complex image processing systems and was originally interested in the graphical programming of FPGA image processing devices such as frame grabbers, cameras and sensors via the award winning VisualApplets software. A major advantage Wilco recognized immediately was the ease and speed of developing image processing applications, e.g. for massive image data pre-processing on FPGA processors, without the need of hardware programming knowledge.

Wilco will offer its customers the complete Silicon Software product portfolio consisting of the microEnable Series frame grabbers for all high-speed camera interfaces and VisualApplets software for the company’s target markets of defense, machine vision and medical technology. The company will in addition be able to design tailor-made image processing applications using VisualApplets.

Complete Solution for Demanding Requirements
“With SiliconSoftware we are considerably enhancing our product portfolio with unique technologies that no other manufacturer offers. We now provide a complete solution for demanding requirements with high bandwidths and deterministic latencies, which will please our customers and will be further enhanced with Machine Learning capabilities”, underscores William Corns, CEO of Wilco Imaging, Inc.. “Wilco Imaging possesses deep experience with frame grabbers and FPGA technology and therefore a broad technological knowledge in this field”, stresses Klaus-Henning Noffz, Managing Director of SiliconSoftware. “With this partner we feel confident in gaining further market share in North America”.


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