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Vision Guided Robotic Laser Welding System

Saber Engineering, Inc.

OVERVIEWSaber Engineering's automated laser welding system

Automated laser welding system that places and welds a number of 0.030” metal tabs onto 0.010” diameter wire structures. The system consists of a steel frame which encloses two(2) robots and three(3) vision systems.  The operator interfaces with the system by loading trays of wire structures into the front of the machine via an inbound conveyor. The operator loads vials containing the metal tabs through the front door machine access.  The first robotic arm, the Mandrel Robot loads\unloads wire structures and places them onto a lathe style mandrel0.030” metal tabs for welding. The Lathe Vision System guides the Mandrel using vision guidance to find and position the wire structure for the first tab position for welding. The second robotic arm, the Tab Robot picks, places and initiates a welding operation on the metal tab after picking them from a vibrator tray. Both the Tab Vision System and the Profile Vision System is used to determine an acceptable welding sequence.  The Vision Systems are high resolution and use telocentric optics to verify location and weld quality.  This sequence is repeated until the predefined number of metal tabs have been welded onto the wire structure.  The Mandrel Robot then removes the completed welded structure from the lathe and returns it to the unload tray.  The finished tray is then discharged onto the outbound conveyor.

Equipment used – Cognex Insight 7000 Series, Navitar Precise Eye, VS Technology Telecentric Lens, Denso VS Robot, IPG 150W Fiber Laser, Omron PLC

Saber engineering, welding process

Saber Engineering, inside the welding machine



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