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Vision Guided Laser Seam Welding System

Saber Engineering, Inc.

OVERVIEW - Vision Guided Laser Seam Welding System

Vision Guided Laser Seam Welding SystemA fully automated laser welding system that performs distal and proximal weld seams on a complex part.  This machine can process 10 different parts.  The system utilizes the Cognex VisionPro and Insight Platforms to guide the motion control system relative to the Miyachi Fiber Laser. The laser is fixed and the part is manipulated via a 3-axis Rockwell Kinetix Servo System.  A 4-axis is used to move the entire welding fixture out of the laser area so that an operator can hand load the part.  Cognex Line Scan and Area Scan Cameras work in unison to identify the weld areas, perform seam tracking during welding process and conduct Q/A inspections.  A Rockwell CompactLogix processor is the cell controller and Wonderware HMI is the operator interface.  A hand-held barcode reader is used to identify the part prior to welding operation.  Once part is identified, appropriate vision and motion programs are downloaded to the control systems.  Miyachi 50 watt pulsed YAG fiber laser used to perform the welding.   A laser power meter monitors output of the laser.  Overall system is constructed of heavy welded powder coated steel frame and sheet metal.  All images may be archived to local PC and plant metrics.  The system has remote access.  Image operations may be viewed in real-time. Automatic access controls and safety systems are provided.   

Inside Saber Engineering's Vision Guided Laser Seam Welding System

Primary Equipment:

  • Miyachi 50 watt pulsed YAG fiber laser
  • Cognex Vision Pro PC Vision Platform
  • Cognex Insight Area and Line Scan Cameras
  • Rockwell Kinetix 350 Servo Drive
  • Rockwell CompactLogix 5571 Controller
  • Dell Precision PC
  • Wonderware SCADA HMI
  • Motorola Hand-Held Barcode Scanner

Saber Engineering: Instrument Laser Welder Screen  Vision Guided Laser Seam Welding System


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