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New Product News

Vanch is celebrating its 12th anniversary

Vanch Technology Co., Ltd

Vanch Technology celebrates its 12 year anniversaryVanch technology focuses on offering products of lighting, lens and optical solutions to machine vision.

Just like Jack Ma’s famous words "The future world is small and beautiful", Vanch company only does one job to offer better optical images to machine vision system integrators. As optical image is a key issue for machine vision system, an optimization of image will definitely enhance the stability and efficiency of the whole vision system.

Regarding experiences, Vanch enjoys a good understanding of applications in automotive industry and electronics industry. Meanwhile, Vanch keeps learning and practicing on cutting-edge products and technologies, such as web line-scan, 3D measurement, and machine vision for railway system. Thanks for great vendors from Europe and US, Vanch can service local customers with fine products and well tech-support.

Vanch can offer:

Vanch: LED high power lighting for line scan, LED UV/IR lighting

Z-LASER: 3D laser with IP67class, µ-optics for thin line (5µm)

Schneider: the best lens for 16K line scan camera

ZEISS: F-mount lens with 15~100mm focus length

Moritex: high end C-mount lens, line scan lens

SICK: 3D camera for super high speed inspection

SONY: global shutter CMOS camera

Vanch not only offers you products, also provides professional technical support and perfect optical solution.

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