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New Product News

Vanch Launched Two Innovative Products

Vanch Technology Co., Ltd

V3D - 80 - HW3D scanning line light source

Model: V3D-80-HW
Voltage: 24 v
Current: 1A
Beam width: <2mm
Working distance: <50mm

This light source is designed for 3D scan or line scan application. A new generation of high-power LEDs is used to squeeze out extremely high luminous flux in compact size. High quality parts are used just like a unique slit aperture, transmission grating and lens module. Thanks for vanch’s  knowhow on optical simulation and fine-tuning, fine line width, and high uniformity are achieved.

The light source can be applied to a number of applications, such as inspection of transparent materials (glass, plastic, colloid, etc.), detection of small components in the precision electronics industry and so on. It is also more advantageous than traditional laser source where speckle is needed to be avoided on shining parts inspection.

   3D Scanning Light Source

3D scanning line light source

3D scanning line light source

3D scanning line light source



Ultra distant spot light sourceUltra distant point light source

Model: VS60-HW
Voltage: 40 v
Current: 1.2 A
Spot size: phi >200mm
Working distance: >400mm

The light source is one of Vanch ultra high bright spot lighting sources for long distance application. With COB (Chip On Board) technology, the LED can be packaged in small size to achieve an extremely high brightness and high uniformity. To cool down this high power LED, Vanch engineers blaze new trails on using copper PCB and liquid metal. Fortunately heat can be quickly taken away from the core of COB LED to the end of heat sink. As low temperature of LED is a good news for long lifetime of the whole lighting source.

This lighting can be used for applications, such as railway inspection, bridge and tunnel inspection, or some R&D projects. Meanwhile, the extremely high brightness is also a helpful for short exposure time.

Working distance: 1100mm

Spot Size: 880mm

Ultra distant spot light source

VS60-HW in a pumpkin

VS60-HW demo



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