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Use of Machine Vision for Container Industry Jumps 35% in 2001


One of the Few Bright Spots in a Difficult Year

Ann Arbor, Michigan - The use of machine vision in the container industry rose more than 35% in units and over 36% in dollars in 2001 as compared with 2000, one of the few bright spots in a difficult year for machine vision suppliers.

A total of 1,205 machine vision systems valued at $36.2 million were sold to North American container companies in 2001, according to a new market study from the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the trade group for machine vision companies.

About 75% of the application-specific machine vision systems sold for container applications in North America take place in the beverage market.  About 20% are in the food industry, with the remaining 5% in the pharmaceutical industry, according to the AIA study.

Container companies use machine vision for applications such as post-filling inspection, sorting of rejects, cap inspection, and label inspection.   The technology is heavily used by container manufacturers and container fillers for applications in plastic, metal and glass containers.

The market for applications in the container industry is expected to grow about nine percent a year for the next five years.

'Though it's a relatively small market for machine vision, the growth in 2001 and the forecasted growth for the next five years is quite encouraging,' said Jeffrey A. Burnstein, AIA's Executive Director.  'The 2001 numbers were particularly impressive in light of the fact that overall machine vision sales in North America fell 17% in units and seven percent in revenue.'

The AIA study, which features detailed coverage of the use of machine vision in the container industry, is called  'Machine Vision:  2001 Results and Forecasts to 2006.'   The study sells for $395 to members of AIA, $795 to nonmembers.

AIA offers a wealth of resources to companies interested in finding a machine vision solution.  The trade group's website, Machine Vision Online provides a buyer's guide, feature articles, tips for new users, an 'ask the experts' forum, and a bookstore.  AIA also sponsors an annual trade show and conference called The Vision Show (next event slated November 19-21, 2002 in Santa Clara, CA) that is North America's leading showcase of machine vision components, systems and solutions.

For more information about AIA and the machine vision industry, contact AIA Headquarters at 734/994-6088 or info@machinevisiononline.org .


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