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Update on Camera Link Standard to be Presented at the 10th Annual AIA Business Conference


ANN ARBOR, Mich., January 11, 2002  -- The impact of the new Camera Link™ standard will be a focus of discussion at this year's Automated Imaging Association (AIA) Business Conference March 6-8 in Las Vegas.  Steve Kinney, a product marketing manager at PULNiX America, Inc. and chair of the AIA's Camera Link™ committee, will update attendees on the status of the standard and the effects it will have on the machine vision industry.

The Camera Link™ is an interface protocol that includes standardized interconnects between cameras and frame grabbers.  It is based on an implementation of National Semiconductor's Channel Link™ technology.  Camera Link™ defines a single connector for both the frame grabber and the camera, ensuring that all products bearing the Camera Link™ logo are interchangeable with each other.

AIA will also host a meeting of the Camera Link ™ Committee at the Business Conference on Thursday, March 7 at 3:30 p.m.  Anyone interested in joining the committee and attending the meeting should contact Jeff Fryman by email at jfryman@robotics.org or by telephone at 734/994-6088.

The AIA Business Conference is the machine vision industry's leading networking event, attracting some 150 industry leaders annually.  They come in order to get the first look at new market data from AIA's annual market study, as well as to make new business contacts and gain new insight into the economic and political climate in which their companies are operating.  Click Here for more information on the Conference.

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