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Toshiba Imaging Systems Division Appoints New Sales Director

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

Paul DempsterNovember 16, 2009 – Irvine, CA – Mr. Shinsaku Momoi, Vice President and General Manager of Toshiba America’s Imaging Systems Division (TAIS), announces the appointment of Mr. Paul Dempster to the position of Director, Medical Imaging and Factory Automation, effective immediately. Mr. Dempster will oversee sales, business development, and marketing activities for Toshiba’s advanced video imaging technology and high resolution CMOS and CCD cameras which are used extensively in surgical imaging, endoscopy, factory automation, machine vision, non-destructive testing, and specialty high-definition-video applications. 

“Toshiba cameras and their exceptional image quality have long been used in many medical and industrial video applications, making the Toshiba brand highly respected in these markets. We are excited about the appointment of Mr. Dempster to our team and fully expect significant sales momentum and market share in the coming years,” said Mr. Momoi. 

Mr. Dempster,a twenty year veteran of the diagnostic imaging community, has extensive experience in specialized medical and industrial video imaging applications, such as radiology, surgical imaging, and non-destructive testing. Most recently, Mr. Dempster was President of NAI Tech Products, a company he managed and developed from the ground up to become a leading global supplier of advanced video interface technology and digital media recording technology, used by many leading diagnostic imaging equipment manufacturers. Previously, he managed international sales for North American Imaging, a supplier of image intensifiers and medical imaging components. 

For more information about Toshiba Imaging’s industrial cameras, please visit: www.cameras.toshiba.com

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division (Irvine, CA) is the premier supplier of high quality video cameras for machine vision, R&D and scientific applications. Advanced video imaging technology and high resolution cameras such as Toshiba’s 3CCD color cameras and their remote head camera family has earned Toshiba America’s Imaging Systems Division the distinctive reputation for offering the most advanced imaging solutions to the industrial and scientific communities. Visit www.cameras.toshiba.com for more information.

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