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Thermal Process Monitoring System

Emitted Energy

Complete process monitoring through an integrated thermal imaging system. With real-time infrared thermal data with vision software intelligence, this system depicts out of control processes based on limits with analytical trending for analysis and smart decision making. The system connects to your existing equipment to communicate with your machinery, gaining control of your process before unwanted issues and wasted scrap develop. Utilizing up to 4 FLIR A-Series Thermal Cameras and a Cognex VisionPro backend, this system will provide the best and most reliable information allowing you to optimize your quality needs.

This TPMS and system solution can provide you a custom combination of diagnostic screens, graphs/charts, temperature profiles and a plethora of data in the form of a .CSV file. Also connect to additional accessories such as a stack light for immediate operator notification. For complete automation and control, go with the ultimate machine integration solution for complete process control.

Typical system configuration: Information is read from thermal cameras to system, System communicates to PLC (Ethernet/Discrete IO), Activates alarms and stack light, Outputs to displays.

System Includes:

  • Machine-Mounted Arm or Cart setup
  • Industrial Display (Optional Touchscreen)
  • Windows 7, Intel i7 bases system
  • Gigabit Ethernet Communications
  • Operator Accessible USBs
  • Up to 4 FLIR A-Series Thermal Cameras
  • Fully Integrated Thermal Vision Toolkit
  • Three-light Stack Light
  • Optional Additional Sensor Integration


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