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New Product News

The new PhoXi 3D Scanner - The new features


The ultimate companion for your vision-guided projects is here. Thanks to your feedback, we developed a device that is ready to show you the new meaning of the 3D vision. 

2X faster GPU
Saves 40% of the computation time

PhoXi 3D Scanner now utilizes the power of the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB processing unit. The computation time was sped up by 60%, thus saving 200 ms of the overall scanning time.

Thermal calibration
Best-in-class thermal stability

Hardware enhancements together with the thermal calibration model ensure a stable and reliable scanning performance in changing temperature conditions.

PoE & 24 V
Single cable for power & data with a length of over 30 m

Power over Ethernet enables users to use only a single cable for electric power and data connection. Additional option to power the device is by 24 V (20 – 30 V).

IP65 durability
Dust & watertight with screw-on connectors

Ingress protection IP65 ensures that the device is completely dust-tight and protected against low-pressure jets of water coming from any direction and at any angle.

Best-in-class scanning
Reflection filtering & ambient light suppression

Firmware and software also received a noticeable upgrade. Enjoy improvements in reflection filtering and ambient light suppression as well as more functionalities for higher scanning control.


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