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New Product News

Streaming Point Clouds with StarForm Swift

Odos Imaging, A Rockwell Automation Company

StarForm-Swift industrial 3D cameraHow do you stream high resolution, accurate point clouds at 30 fps? The newest member of our time-of-flight portfolio, the 640x480 pixel StarForm-Swift industrial 3D camera does exactly that.

The first fully integrated ToF camera from Odos Imaging is housed in a rugged, aluminium case (even with optional silicone end-caps). The StarForm-Swift provides a direct stream of calibrated 3D point cloud data over the GigEVIsion interface, as well as a simultaneous active infrared image of the scene.

It is available for immediate order.

As well as capture of high resolution static scenes for industrial and warehouse applications (like the tote shown above), the StarForm-Swift is equally at home with 30 fps dynamic scenes. Just to showcase this capability, we captured a sequence of our 3D machine vision expert Maciej's son, Antek, playing football. See the full video on our website, or click the image below.





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