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Special Optics Adds High-Volume Manufacturing Capability with Sale to Navitar

Navitar Inc.

We are excited to announce that on February 1, 2008, Special Optics was acquired by Navitar Optical, Inc. (www.navitar.com) of Rochester, New York. 

The acquisition by Navitar provides us with an expanded range of capabilities to offer our customers.  Now, when the rapid prototyping stage has been completed, Navitar’s world leading production facilities can easily accommodate volume production as programs grow. For over 40 years, we have been delivering tested precision optical assemblies within aggressive delivery schedules to our customers.

Now, together with Navitar, we have a tremendous opportunity to expand our markets and develop new optical systems not available in the marketplace today. Combining our design and prototyping strengths with the financial means and production capabilities of Navitar, we can now accommodate anything from custom optical assemblies to over 1,000 units per year for precision lenses.

To learn more about Navitar, visit their website at www.navitar.com or contact us directly and we would be happy to tell you more. We are excited to show you what this change will mean to you. Let us work up a new project quote for you today.

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