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Case Studies

SensorForks Material Handling System

by EmbedTek - EmbedTek LLC

The Internet of Things is making its way to industrial trucks, and it brings the potential to digitally transform safety and productivity. EmbedTek recently worked with Cascade Corporation, a lift truck attachment manufacturer, do develop SensorForks. SensorForks are lift truck forks with a wireless industrial-hardened camera system. The technology gives operators a real time, close up view from the tips of the forks that they’d never had before.

Camera systems on forklifts are in their infancy because of a few major design hurdles. Wired systems may not hold up long-term due to constant raising and lowering of a 50-foot mast. And wireless systems would not only need to survive the rough industrial environments, but require delivering video stream in real time through a solid steel truck.

EmbedTek brought its extensive experience in real-time wireless connectivity, camera technology, and vast camera knowledge to the table for this challenge. Our mechanical, electrical, and software engineers worked alongside engineers at Cascade to develop a driver enhancement tool that works similarly to the back-up camera on a car. Providing forklift drivers with a close up view from the front edge of the fork of the payload could contribute to fewer dropped loads, fewer damaged goods, and increased efficiency.


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