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New Product News


Swivel Link, LLC, An APT Company


Once again you asked and Swivellink® delivered! The Metric Line has arrived! We believe the metric line fills a void for many of our customers. Swivellink® Metric comes in a slick metallic gray color to easily distinguish inventory. This new color also looks very nice alongside most cameras, lights, and sensors. Our imperial line will still remain the eye-popping blue that you have come to know and love. 

The following changes were made:

1) The ball size on the standard size links and base is 28.5mm
2) All hardware is metric
3) The links are in metric length
4) Gray Anodize
5) Part numbers will start with SLM instead of AFSB

"We are currently tooling up and first parts are coming off the lines. We are expecting orders to flood in, so please place your orders ASAP to be one the first to receive metric. We could experience long lead times in the beginning stages so please be patient as we work on building inventory and filling orders." 



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