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STEMMER IIMAGING Returns an 11 Percent Increase in Sales


Puchheim, 13 August 2003 - The 2002/03 financial year, which ended on 30 June 2003, was a success for STEMMER IMAGING GmbH, despite difficult times: The sales figures for the image processing distribution house rose by 11.2 percent from 15.5 to 17.3 million euros.

Stemmer's 30th year of business began on 1 July 2002 in unpropitious circumstances: Extremely depressed global and domestic economies and a serious reluctance to invest on the part of industry significantly tempered expectations, even in the image processing industry that has until now enjoyed steady growth.

Chief executive officer Wilhelm Stemmer summed up the past year, "with this backdrop in mind, the 17.3 million euro overall sales figures coupled with good profits are a very positive sign. An increase of around 11 percent compared to the previous year has allowed us to further extend our lead in the market for supplying image processing components in Germany."

The product range which generates most sales at STEMMER IMAGING was a key factor in these growth figures: Sales in cameras rose by 20.9 percent. Developments in the illumination sector were particularly pleasing. The partnership with the Japanese manufacturer CCS which was launched in spring of 2002 played an important role in the increase of 62.2 percent in this sector.

Stemmer identified the focus on the component business for industrial image processing as the important factor for the success of the company. "Our easy-to-understand 'one-stop-shopping' concept which offers customers everything needed for image processing from a single supplier is accompanied by a clear product and marketing strategy. This is complemented by our highly experienced staff, a team which we have continued to expand over the past year and which guarantees our customers the greatest degree of technical competence. The continued positive business trends show that our customers value this concept."

Wilherlm Stemmer, Chief Executive Officer

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