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Robotic VISION Technologies Upgrades Car Manufacturing to New Levels

Robotic VISION Technologies, Inc.

Silver Spring, Md. — Robotic VISION Technologies Inc. (RVT), a leader in the machine vision software industry, is transforming the way car manufacturers operate with the latest version upgrade to the award-winning eVisionFactory (eVF)™ technology.

RVT’s technology has been operating on mission critical equipment at car manufacturing plants for years, in some cases for more than a decade. While cutting edge when first installed, the rapid pace of technology ensures the hunt for enhancements never end. RVT’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve means that any factory implementing its technology maintains a position at the forefront of their industry. The new systems are already at work in several Toyota, Honda, and Ford plants, with up to a hundred more systems being scheduled for the upgrades.

“Making cars has always been an important application of our technology,” said RVT Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rick Weidinger. “In fact, our vision software has over 300 installs in over 40 facilities ranging from small manufacturers to large automotive OEMs. Once they’ve seen what the software is capable of, our customers regularly commission upgrades for the vision systems that have served them so well.”

The newest version of RVT’s operating system brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to factory production lines. The upgraded version includes the Windows 10 operating system as well as a new wizard-based graphical user interface designed by the RVT team for the end-user ease in mind. The upgraded version is paired with an even faster processing speed, meaning that the machines run through their cycles significantly faster.

In a study by one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced automakers, RVT’s technology was found to be 10 [and in some cases up to 100] times more precise than any of its competitors.

“We’ve catapulted our technology to a new level of speed and repeatability,” Weidinger said “But, we won’t stop here. With our research and development, we hope to be the go-to provider for 3D vision guidance solutions.”


About Robotic VISION Technologies Inc.
Robotic VISION Technologies Inc., a privately held machine vision software company, is a recognized leader in the field of Vision Guided Robotics (VGR™). RVT’s 2D, 2.5D, and 3D vision guidance software platform allows robots to “See, Think, Do.” RVT’s software and technologies enable image recognition, machine vision, machine learning, and robot guidance processes in industrial and non-industrial markets. RVT has recently developed a 3D vision guidance system for the collaborative robot market and has been designated as a Certified System Integrator by Universal Robots. The company’s main 3D vision solution features the Henry Ford Technology Award as well as the BAE Chairman’s Award for outstanding service. Major manufacturers using RVT’s products include Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Harley-Davidson, Boeing, and Johnson & Johnson. RVT’s eVF™ software platform is installed in hundreds of systems worldwide and operates every day controlling over one-half billion dollars of capital equipment. RVT holds 20 patents and patents pending and was recently named the most accurate and precise vision guidance solution among global leaders in the industry.


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