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Report on China International Machine Vision Show
by Jeff Burnstein, Executive Director, Automated Imaging Association


Jeff Burnstein of AIA speaks at the International Machine Vision ExhibitionI had the privilege of leading an AIA delegation to the first China International Machine Vision Exhibition in Shanghai, March 22-24, 2006.  I was accompanied by representatives from about 15 AIA member companies, including four members of the AIA Board of Directors. Our delegation came away quite impressed by this first-time show, the city of Shanghai, and the market opportunities for machine vision in China.

In addition to giving a featured talk at the conference and addressing the opening reception, I was able to do several interviews with leading Chinese publications; meet with potential machine vision users; tour the Shanghai Electric Central Academy, the advanced research arm of Shanghai Electric, of one of China’s top ten industrial companies; and take a guided tour of Shanghai, a beautiful city of 17 million people that has the vibrancy and excitement of New York or Chicago.   As this was my first visit to China, seeing Shanghai and knowing that most of the major developments have occurred in just the past 15 years served as quite an eye-opener and a testament to how rapidly China is developing.  A view of Shanghai, China. Conard Holton, Jeff Burnstein, Terry Guy

During my visit I was able to make several contacts with Chinese organizations and companies that can help AIA members who want to explore opportunities in China.  At the end of my report, I will list some of these contacts.

A total of 64 companies exhibited at the show, most of whom were distributors of products made outside of China, although some were domestic manufacturers of vision products.  Among the many AIA members who were represented at the show were Advanced Illumination, Banner Engineering, DALSA Coreco, Euresys, ISRA, JAI PULNiX, Keyence, Microview, PPT Vision, Schneider Optics, Spectrum Illumination, and Stemmer Imaging.

The show reports a total attendance of 3,563.  While the vast majority of attendees were from China, the organizers were extremely pleased with the number of overseas visitors.  My conversations with representatives from many of the exhibiting companies indicate that the show was successful for them and appeared to have exceeded expectations.  Machine Vision, Shanghai, China

AIA also had a booth at the show and I’m happy to report that this led to a new member from China:  the China Daheng Group’s Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch.  AIA now has two members from China and expects to attract more as the Chinese machine vision market expands.

While the Chinese machine vision market is in its infancy, it’s clear that many companies are beginning to explore machine vision as a way to improve the quality of their manufacturing processes.  Our meeting with the government-owned Machine Tool Works was a great example of how manufacturers in China are looking to technologies such as machine vision to help them improve product quality and productivity.  All AIA members have been sent  information about this company’s specific needs and the appropriate person to contact.

Joe Smith- Advanced IlluminationThe show organizer, the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), plan to hold this event again next March in Shanghai.  Tentative dates are March 20-22, 2007.  AIA will work closely with CMES, as well as with representatives of the China Machine Vision Club, in order to help our members who wish to participate in future Chinese machine vision activities.

Among the AIA Members who participated in some or all of AIA activities at the show:

  • BitFlow
  • Components Express
  • DALSA Coreco
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Edmund Optics
  • Infaimon
  • JAI
  • Lumenera
  • Midwest Optical Systems
  • Newnex
  • PPT Vision
  • SensoMotoric
  • Schneider Optics
  • Vision Systems Design


John is the key person to reach regarding CMES’ plans for next year’s show.  If you are not fluent in Mandarin, he speaks excellent English and is my primary point of contact with CMES.  The CMES is one of China’s most respected organizations – their involvement in this event sends a strong signal that the Chinese machine vision market has a bright future.


Key contacts made during the show:


Note:  There is another machine vision event, Vision China 2006, slated for June 11-13 in Beijing.  It is the third international conference on machine vision and industry application and features an exhibition.  The China Society of Image and Graphics is the main organizer of the conference.  Though AIA will not be directly participating in this event, several of our members will, including Luster LightVision, an AIA member based in Beijing that has played the lead role in organizing this event for the past two years.  For information see www.china-image.cn.






Zhang Qiang (John)
Deputy General Secretary
Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Advanced Illumination

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