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RVSI Receives Two Orders for New ST-585LC Device Inspection and Taping System

OMRON Automation - Americas

CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS -January 28, 2002 - Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI)(NASDAQ: ROBV) today said it has received two orders for its new ST-585LC Device Inspection and Taping System.  The ST-585LC provides high-speed device handling and inspection for Leadless Chip Carriers (LCCs) and select leaded devices.  The orders come from Silicon Laboratories, Inc. and from another RF device supplier servicing telecommunications applications.

The ST-585LC is the industry's most flexible tape-and-reel system featuring drop-in tooling for rapid and repeatable conversion among a wide array of surface mount devices.  RVSI's design minimizes downtime even when running small production lots.  Most important for this application is the ST-585LC' s unparalleled defect detection capabilities.

'Silicon Labs' strategy is to provide our customers with high-performance components of superior quality, including next-generation packages such as leadless chips,' said Patrick Leahy, Silicon Laboratories Manufacturing Test Engineering Manager.  'The ST-585LC provides state-of-the-art quality assurance capabilities such as micro-crack inspection.  These capabilities are critical to support our strategy and help keep Silicon Labs in a leadership position.'

The versatility required for a rapidly changing production environment is met through the ability to select from a menu of inspection parameters, vision configurations and output media. The system's vision inspection module can easily handle the often difficult-to-detect micro-cracks which can cause premature device wear and subsequent consumer product failure during the product warranty period.

'We are very pleased that, following our development efforts, Silicon Labs has yet again chosen the ST-585LC for capacity expansion,' says Scott White, V.P. Sales and Marketing for Tape Products in RVSI's Semiconductor Equipment Group.  'LCCs are becoming a popular choice in semiconductor packaging due to increased performance in a smaller outline.  Quality assurance is critical to bringing any new product to market and the ST-585LC is the right inspection system to meet that requirement.'

The ST-585LC is equipped with the latest enhancement to RVSI's vision inspection applications, providing simultaneous inspection of the bottom and side surfaces of LCC devices. All six surfaces of LCC devices are inspected providing 2-D metrology of package and pads as well as common defects.  The inspection system also offers two additional inspection sites for tape-and-reel applications for pre- and post-seal QA inspection.

About RVSI
Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI)(NASDAQ:ROBV) offers the most comprehensive line of machine vision systems available today. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, with offices worldwide, RVSI is the world leader in vision-based semiconductor inspection and media transfer equipment. Using leading-edge technology, RVSI combines vision-enabled process equipment, high-performance optics, lighting and advanced hardware and software to assure product quality, identify and track parts, control manufacturing processes and enhance profits for companies worldwide. Currently serving the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, RVSI holds over 100 patents in a broad range of technologies.

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