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RVSI Gets Two Orders for Wafer Inspection System

OMRON Automation - Americas

CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS - July 26, 2001 - Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI)(Nasdaq: ROBV) today said it has received a multi-unit order for thecompany's new WS-2500 Wafer Inspection System from a major U.S.-basedmicroprocessor manufacturer.

Rather than traditional wire bonds, the newest generation of integratedcircuits utilize microscopic-sized solder or gold "bumps" that are directlydeposited on the wafer for electrical connections. RVSI's new productimproves yield management of bumped wafers and flip chip die, providing amethod to maximize yields and profitability by inspecting bump parameters athigh production rates. The system's capabilities include inspection ofpre-reflow and post-reflow solder bumps and multi-process gold bumps. TheWS-2500 is designed to handle the industry's standard 200mm wafers, whilethe new WS-3000 inspects the semiconductor industry's new 300mm wafers.The WS-2500 combines RVSI's proprietary high-speed 3-D laser technology withour new 2-D high resolution, state-of-the-art cameras to achieve superiormeasurement throughput and performance. A sophisticated user interface andsoftware allow for fast and easy set-up of new wafers to minimizeprogramming time. Features such as bump height, diameter, andabsence/presence can easily be selected for inspection through specializedmenus.

"We won these orders in head-to-head competition against the latest productofferings from our competitors," said Frank L. Jacovino, General Manager ofWafer Level Products at the Electronics Division of RVSI in Hauppauge, NewYork. "We believe we were selected on the strength of our unique combinationof high accuracy 2-D and 3-D scanning at production speeds.   In point offact, we believe we have never lost an evaluation where 3-D inspection orbump height metrology was the central consideration.

"The WS series is clearly becoming the industry standard for bump heightmetrology," Mr. Jacovino said.  "We have now installed systems among thelargest U.S. semiconductor companies and Asian subcontract manufacturers. Webelieve that these sales are validation of our dominant position in thisarea."

About RVSI
Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (RVSI) (Nasdaq: ROBV) has the mostcomprehensive line of machine vision systems available today. Headquarteredin Canton, Massachusetts, with offices worldwide, RVSI is the world leaderin vision-based semiconductor inspection and media transfer equipment. Usingleading-edge technology, RVSI joins vision-enabled process equipment, high-performance optics, lighting, and advanced hardware and software to assureproduct quality, identify and track parts, control manufacturing processes,and ultimately enhance profits for companies worldwide. Serving thesemiconductor, electronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical andpackaging industries, RVSI holds approximately 100 patents in a broad rangeof technologies.

Forward Looking Statement
Except for the historical information herein, certain matters discussed inthis release include forward-looking statements that may involve a number ofrisks and uncertainties. Actual results may vary significantly based on anumber of factors, including, but not limited to: the historical cyclicalnature of the semiconductor industry, risks in products and technologydevelopment, market acceptance of new products and continuing productdemand, the impact of competitive products and pricing, changing economicconditions, both here and abroad, timely development and release of newproducts, strategic suppliers and customers, the effect of the company'saccounting policies and other risk factors detailed in the Company's mostrecent registration statement, annual report on Form 10-K and 10K/A, andother filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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