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RIA Announces Two Robot Safety Conferences for 2004


ANN ARBOR, MI, January 15, 2004 – Two major robot safety conferences are slated for the spring and fall of 2004, including one co-sponsored by RIA and CSA in Toronto from March 24-26, and RIA’s National Robot Safety Conference in Ypsilanti (Detroit), October 18-21.

Both conferences provide classroom training on topics that apply to robot safety in the U.S. and Canada, and both include a reception for viewing tabletop displays from leading suppliers of robots and safety equipment. The spring North American Robot Safety Conference has workshops of special concern in Canada and an optional tour (tentative).

‘‘Conference training at the North American Robot Safety Conference translates equally well for U.S. and Canadian attendees in terms of the Robot Safety Standard,’‘ said Jeff Fryman, Director, Standards Development, RIA. ‘‘And, special workshops have been added for topics critical to the Canadian market. These are available as separate registrations, or as options with a three-day pass to the entire Conference.’‘

New Canadian Safeguarding Machinery Standard
Among the highlights is a new (second) edition of CSA’s Z432 Safeguarding Machinery standard in 2004, which gives users a methodology for the performance of a comprehensive risk assessment, advice on the basic principles of safeguarding and safety control performance, and additional information for the identification of hazards. The spring Conference provides a one-day workshop that discusses the changes to the new edition of Z432, and the changing technologies related to machines that made it crucial for the publication of a new edition.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Workshop
Another workshop includes a comprehensive look at what the Ontario Section 7 requirements for machinery and work cell review is all about. A top-notch team of instructors discusses all aspects of a PSHSR, from the Ministry of Labour perspective through the PE assessments, to the user expectations. With a decided slant on robot installations this workshop will give PE's all they need to know to safely and efficiently accomplish this regulatory requirement.

Introduction to OHSAS 18001 – Management System for Occupational Health & Safety
There is a one-day workshop for the critical business issues relating to OHSAS 18001 and the implementation of this important specification. Attendees leave with an understanding of the principles and benefits of an OHSAS 18001 program, including the basic requirements, and opportunities for integration with ISO 14001 and other management standards.

U.S. Robot Safety Standard
Over the last 16 years, RIA has sponsored all three of the U.S. robot safety standards (plus helped write the Canadian one), and is nearly ready to unveil the 16th National Robot Safety Conference . Attendees will hear robot case studies from leading U.S. companies, gain hands-on experience performing a risk assessment and have the opportunity to interact with safety professionals and colleagues. By the end of the Conference, attendees will have a better understanding of how to effectively safeguard their work environment.

The Conference helps engineers, operators and maintenance personnel learn how to improve efficiency while maintaining a safe environment. It also stresses what impact the ANSI/RIA Robot Safety Standard has on a company, and allows hands-on training to develop a successful structure for conducting a risk-assessment. Another benefit is gaining insight into what OSHA expects, and learning about UL guidelines.

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