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Tech Papers

Pill Box Stamping Examination System

Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Pill box stamping examination system is used on medicine packing line. It provides examination of possible defects of stamping, such as missing character, wrong date, indistinct character, etc. It recognizes stamping with AI algorithm, thus remove defective products, in case unqualified products flow into the market, making manufacture& quality control smarter.

Software interface


AI process

Instead of those traditional character recognition algorithms that are error-prone?the system recognizes stamping with AI algorithm, can easily make out obscure stamping,

Better lighting

The system light with specific light source, very obscure stamping can be made out and recognized with AI algorithm.

Easy to use/maintain

After machine learning, the system can be directly used on a different line if the font is same. Need only 20 more samples to learn if the font is different.

Scope of application

Used by pharmaceutical companies. Used for the examination of any pill box stamping.

Parameter of examination

  • Specification: Any pill box stamping.
  • Speed: 300pcs/min
  • Detection rate: 100%
  • Features to be detected: Missing character, wrong date, wrong batch number, indistinct character, etc.

Detectable defect samples


Examination results diagram


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