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PPT VISION Inspection System and Smart Camera for Food Inspection

Datalogic USA, Inc.

MINNETONKA, MN -- A leading food packager required verification of an automated pack-out process for pickles. Pickle slices were automatically placed into a bottle in a two-step process. During the first step, if the original placement of the slices were incorrect, the secondary process would fail and cause backups and down time in the line. The main challenge for this application is that pickles are wet and shiny, and differentiation between pickles and bottle was difficult. In addition, all components were required to be NEMA 4X, stainless steel suitable for a caustic and washdown environment.

Aptúra Machine Vision Solutions provided the customer with a turnkey inspection station featuring a PPT VISION IMPACT C30 machine vision processor and standard resolution camera. Illumination was accomplished with two LED bar lights on either side of the bottle opening, thereby illuminating only the tops of the product. Adjustable camera and lighting mounts and an air driven reject mechanism were mounted to an existing conveyor. An operator interface console with flat-panel display was pedestal mounted near the inspection station. A PPT VISION CPM interface provided the customer with product counts, analysis of images and inspection set-up access. A reject mechanism pushes any rejected bottles off the conveyor without damaging the product.

Application Highlights 

  • Verify the correct placements of pickles in glass jars 
  • Two LED bar lights illuminating the top of the products 
  • Adjustable camera and lighting mounts 
  • NEMA 4X rated enclosures for camera, lens, lighting, optics and display panel 
  • Comprehensive operator panel provides product counts, analysis of images and inspection configurations

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