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Optical Analysis of Automotive Engine Cylinder Walls assists in reducing CO2

Opto GmbH

Optical analysis of cylinder walls is still a tricky one, especially with always new honing technologies.

Opto's CylinderInspector 2D examines the surface finish of automotive engine cylinders.

The data extracted assists in adjusting the process and maintaining the quality to reduce CO2-emission to the benefit of our environment CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non destructive imaging device designed for the analysis of honed cylinder surfaces. It provides non-contact measurement and microscopic inspection of surfaces in aluminum and cast iron.

For over fifteen years, CylinderInspector has been the instrument of choice amongst the world’s leading engine manufacturers, as it enables detailed analysis of metallurgical composition and surface texture of complex honed surfaces.

It offers a full 360-degree rotation view with variable insertion adjustment. Users can inspect the surface at different magnifications with the use of the integrated optical zoom and precision focus mechanism. High precision rotation and vertical positioning mechanisms enables the user to inspect virtually any position or depth within the cylinder.

CylinderInspector features a highly advanced illumination system, with a powerful darkfield function integrated, which enables the most complex textural features to be imaged perfectly. The CylinderInspector software interface is programmable and highly customizable.

Available in both 2D and 3D versions and a Quicktest, it is able to provide perfect optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminum, as well as the detailed analysis of common compositions and structures.

  • Non destructive system for perfect `in-cylinder’ image quality
  • Optical zoom system for variable insertion depth adjustment
  • Full 360° rotational view with variable insertion depth adjustment
  • Able to fit wide variety of cylinder diameters
  • Optimized illumination options for different surfaces and structures
  • Available with camera or eyepiece depending on model
  • Optional image stitching module

Optional software suite:

  • totally customizable software and report tool
  • perfect automated inspection of honing angles
  • manual analysis of crystal distribution
  • standardized inspection process between supplier and customer

About Opto
Since 1980, Opto GmbH has been a specialist developer and manufacturer of market leading optomechatronic modules, components and systems. Opto delivers solutions ranging from single vision components all the way to complex imaging modules and systems. Thanks to a comprehensive in-house manufacturing capability, Opto is able to meet any production demand – from rapid single unit prototyping all the way to serial production. Opto – solutions reduced to your needs.  

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