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Northwire Holds Steady Despite Uncertain Economy

Northwire Inc.

Staffing and facilities remain at prerecession levels to maintain unmatched customer service

OSCEOLA, Wis.—Despite the current challenging, uncertain global economic environment, Northwire, Inc. will continue its normal staffing, production, inventories and just-in-time delivery.

“Northwire has an employee-for-life philosophy, which regards employees as fixed assets,” says Katina Kravik, vice president at Northwire. “In more than 35 years in business, Northwire has weathered economic downturns without laying off employees. They are our most important asset in helping to deliver made-to-order product quickly—direct from the factory with no minimum orders.”

During dips in business, Northwire cross-trains employees, and engages them in improvement projects and business development. 

“Speed and ability to ship with very short lead times is what distinguishes Northwire in the industry,” says Kravik. “Therefore, our goal is to keep everyone at Northwire ready for the upsurge in business when it occurs. We dislike seeing anyone in our or any other industry hurting, and are hopeful the economic situation will improve quickly.”

Northwire provides custom-configured cable orders in any quantity in 10- and 15-day delivery options. Through its Northwire Express fast-track service, the company also offers five-day delivery of up to 5,000 feet of standard or custom electrical cable. NorthwireDirect, the company's online source for factory-direct cable, stocks 100 parts (connectors, cables and retractile cords) for same-day shipment to customers for orders placed before noon CST.

Northwire, Inc., based in Osceola, Wis., is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial-grade technical cable. Custom design choices include paired, non-paired, triads, various shielding and grounding options, special insulation options, plus a large variety of conductor and jacket colors. Northwire has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and New Mexico, USA, and sales offices in Jiangsu Province, China, and in The Netherlands. Northwire is a member of the RIA (Robotics Industries Association), AIA (Automated Imaging Association), EMVA (European Machine Vision Association), JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association), CMES (Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society), Fieldbus Foundation, ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association), PTO (Profibus Trade Organization) and MCAA (Measurement Control and Automation Association), among others.

Northwire, Inc.
110 Prospect Way
Osceola, WI 54020
Tel.: +1 715.294.2121
Toll free: 1-800-468-1516

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