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New Machine Vision Market Study Shows Solid Growth in 2005, Continued Strength Ahead in 2006


(Ann Arbor, Michigan - February 9, 2006)  Preliminary results from a new machine vision market study indicate that 2005 was a good year for the industry and that 2006 should be even better.

Smart cameras saw the strongest growth in 2005, with a 19.1% increase in units and a 14.4% jump in revenue.  Sales of application-specific machine vision systems rose 13.6% in units and 6.4% in revenue. Fast-growing component markets included cameras, optics and vision software.

The study, entitled Machine Vision Markets – 2005 Results and Forecasts to 2010, is published by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the world’s largest machine vision trade group, with some 250 member companies from 24 nations.

‘‘Machine vision markets in North America continue to display strength and vitality, with 2005 results building upon the record sales figures of 2004,’‘ said Paul Kellett, AIA’s Director of Market Analysis.

‘‘All indications point to continued growth in 2006, as companies continue to invest in technologies such as machine vision that can help them become stronger global competitors,’‘ Kellett said.

2005 Preliminary North American Machine Vision Sales Results


The annual AIA market study, which dates back more than a decade, has undergone a complete transformation this year.    In addition to a new focus on component markets, the study includes in-depth product details for components and systems, export analyses, an in-depth look at market and technology trends, and identification of major market participants.

Kellett previewed the study at the recent AIA Business Conference in Orlando (February 1-3, 2006) to ‘‘rave reviews,’‘ according to Jeff Burnstein, AIA’s Executive Director.

‘‘Paul’s presentation was one of the highest rated at the entire conference,’‘ Burnstein said.  ‘‘That’s a clear indication that our year-long efforts to overhaul the study to make it better serve the needs of our members and others involved in the industry have paid off.  We look forward to continued improvements in our market research efforts as we receive feedback from purchasers of this year’s study,’‘ Burnstein explained.

AIA is offering a $100 pre-publication discount to companies that purchase the study by March 17, 2006.  Regular rates are $995 to AIA member companies and $1395 to non-members.  To order the study, visit www.machinevisiononline.org or call AIA Headquarters at 734/994-6088.

In addition to the market study, AIA provides regular reports on the health of the machine vision market and economic trends that impact the industry at ‘‘Kellett’s Corner,’‘ which is a special section of the Machine Vision Online website.  Machine Vision Online received nearly one million visits in 2005, making it the world’s most important resource for machine vision information.

AIA also will provide updated information on 2006 during presentations later this year by Paul Kellett at the European Machine Vision Business Conference in Tampere, Finland (July 1) and the VISION 2006 Show in Stuttgart, Germany (November 8).

Questions about the AIA study can be directed to Paul Kellett at pkellett@robotics.org or 734/994-6088.

Founded in 1984, AIA was organized specifically to promote the use of image capture and analysis technology and now represents more than 250 machine vision suppliers, system integrators, users, researchers, and consulting firms.  In addition to the Machine Vision Market Study, the AIA is best-known for The Vision Show, held every year on alternating US coasts, the biennial International Robots & Vision Show, its annual AIA Business Conference and Machine Vision Online (www.machinevisiononline.org), the world’s leading resource for machine vision information on the internet.

For more information on AIA, visit www.machinevisiononline.org or contact AIA Headquarters at (734) 994-6088.





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