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New Product News

New LED Line Lights

ProPhotonix Limited

ProPhotonix has expanded its LED offerings to include customer-requested upgrades and product line extensions to both its COBRA™ Series and LOTUS line lights. This upgrade will further strengthen the Company’s position as a world-leader in machine vision lighting.

COBRA™ Max, SLIM, and Flex

The chip-on-board COBRA Series of premium linescan illuminators includes COBRA Max, COBRA Slim and COBRA Flex, which all will receive major performance enhancements. The extreme brightness COBRA Max will feature a new light engine that provides an increase of 60% intensity on its white unit. The industry-leading COBRA Slim has also been upgraded, now producing up to 60% more intensity.
The COBRA Max and COBRA Slim offer this extreme intensity in a slim, compact and modular design ranging up to five meters. They are available in a wide range of wavelengths, from UV to visible to IR and their unique design allows for field adjustment of the lens to the ideal focusing distance for its respective application. Both products are offered with an optional strobing function and Ethernet control.
COBRA Flex, the COBRA Series solution for restricted spaces also will be available in higher intensity levels.

LOTUS™ Line Light
LOTUS, a rugged, compact, and modular line light utilizes the latest in LED technology and optics to produce a bright and uniform light. The standard model has been upgraded to produce 50% greater intensity to a maximum of 188k Lux.

To address applications requiring higher intensity, two new cooling options are now available. The fan-cooled LOTUS delivers over twice the intensity of the standard model, while the compact water-cooled version, which is ideal for harsh environments, delivers up to three times the intensity. Both products will retain the popular rugged and compact exterior design.

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