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New Building of the Baumer Development Center Finished

Baumer Optronic GmbH


New Building of the Baumer Development Center FinishedBaumer employees have moved into the new High-Tech Development Center in Radeberg.

The new building of the Baumer High-Tech Development Center in Radeberg, started last year, has been completed. An additional 800 square meters of the most modern office space for the Development Center have been created by adding a second floor to the existing part of the building. The Radeberg site now has 2,800 square meters of office, production and warehousing space available for more than 100 employees. Thus, Baumer’s ability to develop and offer innovative, high-quality products in the areas of Digital Imaging and Smart Vision according to customers’ needs was further optimized. The investment by the Baumer Group in expanding the Radeberg site as the center of excellence for development of Vision Technologies confirms the trendsetting corporate strategy of the Baumer Group. The new building also provides the basis for further increase of manpower with continued and organic growth.

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