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New AIA Market Data Committee Proceeding On Plan


By Paul Kellett, AIA Director – Market Analysis

The AIA Market Data Committee has decided to investigate the feasibility of tracking quarterly sales results. Currently, AIA has no formal mechanism in place for tracking and reporting sales results to its participating members. Quarterly sales tracking is well established in AIA’s sister organizations, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and the Motion Control Association (MCA), in which participating members receive detailed reports that track the performance of product markets each quarter. With these reports, members need not wait until the end of year to learn how product markets have performed. Because data are more timely, members receive greater value from detailed information, staying abreast of important market changes through out the year.

To insure that quarterly tracking reports serve the interests of members well, the AIA Market Data Committee is carefully reviewing and deciding a mechanism for tracking sales results that serves the interests of AIA and promotes the overall interests of the machine vision industry.


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