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New Product News

NEW Safety Laser Scanner Makes Safety Visual!

Keyence Corporation of America

SZ-V SeriesOverview
Keyence Corp. of America has redefined safety laser scanners for a second time. Several improvements can be found in the new SZ-V Series but multiple innovations were also achieved, making it unlike anything else in the industry.

Industry Firsts
In addition to the SZ-V now having the longest protection range in the industry at 8.4m (27.56’), its most surprising innovation is the integration of a camera directly into the unit. The camera further simplifies installation and can even capture images & video when an object or person enters the protected area. The SZ-V also has a detachable display that provides real-time feedback, protection zone information and even access to historical data, all without interrupting the scanners operation.

Additional Features
Additional features include a system memory plug, network compatibility such as EtherNet/IP, and the ability to receive encoder inputs. Series connecting up to three units together is also possible with the SZ-V, greatly reducing the necessary wiring.

Environmental Resistance
Enhancements to both the laser and how the signal is processed allow for the unit to stably differentiate between people/objects and dust or mist. The SZ-V features the industry’s smallest beam pitch at 0.1°, allowing for 4X the number of beams over the same area as a conventional scanner. This, along with a beam spot reduced by 1/3, provides unmatched stability in any environment.

The SZ-V Series is another example of a Keyence innovation that not only pushes the envelope for a particular product but redefines its possibilities.

About Keyence
KEYENCE has steadily grown since 1974 to become an innovative leader in the development and manufacturing of automation equipment worldwide. Our products consist of automation sensors, static eliminators, barcode readers, measuring instruments, vision systems, laser markers, and digital microscopes.


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