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Multicamera.Systems released new version of “The Recorder” – its flagship video recording software.

Multicamera.Systems LLC

The new version incorporates new patented multi-GPU compression technology enabling users to record captured video directly to compressed MP4 files at thousands of frames per second from single or multiple cameras.

Our new technology opens up the possibility for lengthily high-speed recordings and recording from several high-resolution cameras. This was not possible before due to prohibitive cost of M.2 high-speed storage and its limited capacity.  Now users can use much cheaper regular HDD drives and slower high-capacity SSDs in their setups.

The following table summarizes advantages of the new version of The Recorder :

Software Camera setup Storage Max length of a recording Storage cost
The Recorder

1 x HD @ 2400 fps

4 x 25 @ 60 fps



10 Hours (4TB) $
Other software M.2 SSD 10 minutes (4TB) $$$


As an example, the typical lab workflow – record experiments for just several minutes until storage is full and then convert and upload for half an hour or more, is gone, now a user can record all day long without wasting time on freeing up high-speed storage.

The Recorder is the only software on the market incorporating multi-GPU video compression technology. We are proud to be partner of NVIDIA supporting all their GPUs including newest 30xx series.

As usual this new feature comes for free for our existing customers – just download new version!


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