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New Product News

Microview Launches Powerful Rosa Series Industry GigE Cameras

Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Rosa series industrial cameraSmall, but powerful

Rosa series industrial camera, with resolution from VGA to 14M, convers spectrum from visiable to NIR. Rosa has the popular GigE interface. The light-weight aluminium alloy housing, 38*38mm small profile, excellent electrical and heat dissipation performance, all that make rosa a perfect machine vision component.

Based on years experience in development of embedded image processing products, rosa integrates all the ISPs that you may need.

Fully compatible with GigE Vision specification, seamlessly work with third party software like NI Labview, Cognex VisionPro.

Low price, but high quality and excellent Performance.

ROSA series industrial camera

  • GigE interface
  • Resolution from VGA to 14M
  • Spectrum from visiable to NIR
  • Fully compatible with GigE Vision standard
  • Excellent performance-cost ratio
Models Resolution Frame Rate Pixel Size(um) ShutterType
RS-A361-GM/GC 752*480 60 6*6 Global
RS-A1000-GM 1280*1024 30 5.2*5.2 Rolling
RS-A1300-GM/GC 1280*1024 60 5.3*5.3 Global
RS-A1500-GM NIR 1280*1024 60 5.3*5.3 Rolling
RS-A2300-GM/GC 1600*1200 50 4.5*4.5 Global
RS-A5001-GM/GC 2592*1944 14 2.2*2.2 Rolling
RS-A10K-GM/GC 3664*2748 7.5 1.67*1.67 Rolling
RS-A14K-GC 4384*3288 6.3 1.4*1.4 Rolling



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