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Machine Vision Systems Expertise to be Exhibited by FISBA at Automate 2017


FISBA produces customized optical and machine vision systems.ST GALLEN, Switzerland. -- FISBA is an industry leader expert in customized optical and machine vision systems, providing full services from design to production. FISBA offers complete customization when it comes to vision solutions. FISBA’s capabilities extend to telecentric configurations, especially for measurement purposes, athermal design solutions for use in critical environments and combinations of on-axis with grazing incident illumination. Solutions include our application specific camera configurations with integrated optimized illumination. These miniaturized solutions provide exceptional value for industrial applications running highly dynamic processes, which might be spatially restricted.

In addition, the company’s technological leadership in manufacturing molded aspherical optics, enable the creation of high performance customized optical systems, with minimal size, weight and number of parts. FISBA excels in miniaturization for space conscious applications which is essential for many dynamic machine vision systems. Customized vision applications requiring an in-line or in-process solution, where low weight or installation constraints are present is where FISBA truly shows the ability to adapt and produce for many application scenarios.

Learn more by visiting FISBA at Automate Booth 2665.

FISBA is a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components and systems. For over 60 years, it has been a company priority to stay progressive without losing sight of FISBA’s founding values. This mindset has enabled FISBA to become one of the most innovative suppliers in the optics industry, as well as a trusted partner to customers. FISBA operates at locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.


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