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MVTec Starts in North America

MVTec Software GmbH


On January 1, 2007, MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany) opened MVTec, LLC, in Cambridge (MA) as a U.S. company. MVTec, LLC, will break new ground for machine vision technology in the important North American market.

MVTec is the only exclusive manufacturer of standard machine vision software on the world market and cooperates with more than 30 distribution companies around the world. The company sees a large new potential for the North-American market. Therefore, in 2007, MVTec will provide a distinct push for the seven American distributor partners. “Primarily, MVTec, LLC, will assist our distributors in their customer support, but at the same time it will impart knowledge about this complex technology”, says Dr. Heiko Eisele, president of the newly founded MVTec, LLC. “We are very happy that we can now point out in the U.S. all the possibilities of this technology to a greater extent.”

Currently, one principal topic of MVTec is 3D machine vision for robotics (robot vision). 3D will be a main focus of machine vision and at the moment, MVTec is the only vendor who can fill this requirement with standard software with an abundance of techniques. “In this regard, we received a lot of inquiries from U.S. system integrators looking for standard solutions in 3D robotics for on-site production”, declares Dr. Olaf Munkelt, managing director at the MVTec headquarters in Munich, Germany. “Thus, it is high time to expand our customer base in the USA and Canada.”

About MVTec
MVTec, LLC, is a subsidiary company of MVTec Software GmbH (Munich, Germany). MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: semi-conductor industry, web inspection, quality control and inspection applications in general, medicine, and surveillance. MVTec has more than 30 established distributors, located throughout North- and South-America, Europe, and Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea, and more).

For more information refer to www.mvtec.com.

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