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LMI Technologies Names Terry Arden CEO

LMI Technologies Inc.

LMI Technologies CEO, Terry ArdenLMI Technologies appoints Terry Arden as the company’s new CEO. He replaces Len Metcalfe who was a founder and CEO from the start of LMI Technologies. Len will remain Chairman and largest shareholder staying actively involved in the industry and success of LMI.

Terry has been the CTO of LMI Technologies since joining LMI 7 years ago. Historically Terry built a machine vision software company before selling it and joining LMI. In his years at LMI as CTO Terry has successfully built an incredible R&D development team which has created many of our successful products. During this time, Terry has also been a key contributor to LMI’s management team.

“I am excited about what Terry will bring in this next growth stage of LMI” says Len Metcalfe Chairman of the Board. “Terry’s broad experience in sensors combined with his proven leadership skills are key to our success in this challenging economy.” Terry’s strong background in technology and business development will focus on LMI’s continued success as a 3D sensor solution company. His process-driven yet agile style of management will set the foundation for expanded growth of 3D sensor solutions into various new markets. 

“LMI has exciting growth potential in many markets where 3D shape and/or 2D color are determining factors in product quality. Engineering machine vision problems into simple, fully integrated “sensors that see” solutions is a key LMI capability.” says Terry Arden.

LMI Technologies is a global provider of 2D & 3D vision sensor solutions to many industrial measurement and control processes in markets such as metal, glass, rubber & tire, transportation, livestock, automotive, and wood. With more than 100 patents and 50,000 sensors in the field, LMI's 30+ years of sensor expertise can rapidly solve, design and deliver your 3D sensor product. Our strong relationships with end users, OEMs and SIs allows our engineering team and market experts to work closely with customers to solve a measurement problem and develop unique vision sensor solutions that survive in tough industrial environments. 

LMI is your 3D go-to company.

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