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New Product News

KromaKing® DecoScan Fully Automated Entire Label Color Decoration Inspection System

Applied Vision Corp.

KromaKing® DecoScan allows canmakers to convert manual operator inspection stations, helping to eliminate the loss of sellable product

KromaKing DecoScan Fully Automated Entire Label Color Decoration Inspection SystemThe new fully automated KromaKing® DecoScan outside-can inspection system from Applied Vision Corporation enables canmakers to convert manual operator color decoration inspection stations to automated centers of greater productivity and profitability.
The KromaKing DecoScan system inspects the entire label decoration of two-piece beverage cans (8 to 24 oz.). Typically installed after the deco oven, it replaces manual operator inspection stations and is capable of inspecting ten cans per minute for color shifts, ink smears, mis-registration, missing
text and spatial and pattern defects. With DecoScan automated sampling, canmakers can better avoid costly continued misprints while making certain good cans are not wasted, resulting in no loss of sellable product. 

DecoScan is a standalone solution complete with all required components to receive the can offline, inspect it in a sealed optical environment and return it back into production if it passes a thorough quality assessment. An LCD touch screen interface allows users to define multiple regions of interest on the label for inspection; then, highly accurate, high-quality color measurements are provided in Delta E, Delta RGB and Delta CMY with value reporting in Lab, RGB, XYZ, CMY, HSI, LCh and Density.

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