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Kithara at Automate Show in Chicago

Kithara Software GmbH

Kithara Software, innovator for real-time software under Windows®, will be attending this year’s Automate in Chicago from March 23 – 26 as an exhibitor. At booth 237 Kithara will present their latest innovations in software-based automation solutions including real-time image capture, real-time image processing as well as integration into higher-level EtherCAT topologies.
Automate 2015
Following the successful trade-fair appearance at the ATX in February, the next stop for Kithara in March will be the related Automate, one of North America’s broadest automation events. The full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions, from traditional industrial applications to cutting edge new technologies, will be showcased in Chicago.

Kithara’s focus in Chicago will be on image capture and processing as well as EtherCAT-based communication. The immediate reaction to incoming USB3 Vision or GigE Vision images happens with guaranteed response times of only a few microseconds. This allows for real-time tasks to be triggered in order to instantly execute control commands. The following image processing operation with HALCON 12 (or OpenCV) is still run within a real-time context. Furthermore, the Halcon Logic Controller is a HALCON extension that enables developers to build and deploy machine logic inside the Halcon IDE (HDevelop)—from setting a single output to triggering a complex sequence in real-time.

Kithara invites all interested visitors to take a look at their highly efficient industrial software solutions for automation.

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