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Inspecting Mission-critical Manufactured Parts, Components and Products

MORITEX North America, Inc.


Inspecting Mission-critical Manufactured Parts, Components and ProductsMoritex has announced a new technical report entitled 'Borescope inspection critical to vital manufacturing processes' for engineers and technicians involved with inspecting parts, components and products manufactured by metal machining, welding, casting and electric discharge machining (EDM).

Modern borescopes are often today a manufacturer's first choice in inspecting mission-critical parts or components as well as assembled products.  The benefits of using borescopic inspection in welding, casting, EDM and metal machining processes are numerous. The new technical report compares the benefits of borescopic inspection to traditional destructive testing techniques and high-tech inspection processes using x-ray, machine vision, and eddy current technologies.  The report also discusses specific applications of borescopic inspection of manufactured parts, components and assembled products in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, medical and power generation industries. 

Moritex offers a comprehensive range of affordable rigid and flexible borescopes. The scopes are furnished with a portable 12v battery pack and a halogen bulb in the probe tip to provide bright illumination for conducting visual inspections in the darkest and smallest of cavities. All Moritex borescopes are waterproof and robustly constructed of stainless steel and inert industrial grade polymers to provide long, trouble-free operation.  Equipped with the highest quality advanced optics, Moritex borescopes are proven to reliably produce a clear focused image with true colour rendition. 

To receive a copy of the new technical report please contact Moritex on telephone (+44-1223-301148 / +49-89-56-82-6880 /+1-508-315-3340).

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