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IO Industries Rely on Silicon Software High-speed Frame Grabbers

Silicon Software GmbH

Streams 7 Software merges multiple dataIO Industries, the Canadian manufacturer of high speed digital video recording systems and vision cameras now also supports, with its Streams 7 software, Silicon Software’s high-speed frame grabbers from the microEnable 5 ironman series for CoaXPress. It is possible to interface up to four CoaXPress cameras to the frame grabber in either 4x CXP Single port configuration, 2x CXP Dual port configuration or 1x CXP Quad port configuration. They are available with PCIe Gen2 x8 PC host connections.

With the ironman frame grabbers, the Streams 7 software and a suitable PC platform images from one or several CoaXPress cameras can be acquired and saved synchronously with multiple other data of streaming devices in real-time, which are supported by Streams 7. This includes, for example, video recorders, GPS receivers, IRIG-B receivers and inertial navigation equipment.

Thus, customers who need especially fast image processing solutions with very low latencies, for example for high resolution navigational recordings in the shipping or air traffic, can now be addressed.


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